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Quality Review
Explanation of Standards

(a minimum of 80 points are required for inspected and approved banner)

The Oklahoma Bed & Breakfast Association is not a licensing authority, therefore, this review in no way recognizes any responsibility regarding the safety, comfort, manner of doing business, or any other matters related to the following inn. The following are the minimum standards recommended by this professional association. This inn is responsible to the local and state entities regarding any code requirements and/or licensing.

The Oklahoma Bed & Breakfast Association is a professional organization encouraging our members to a newer level of professionalism, efficiency and profitability while recognizing our members as Inspected and Approved “guest worthy” Inns, giving their guests the very best in Oklahoma hospitality.

Oklahoma Bed & Breakfast Association
The Cream of The Crop Oklahoma Hospitality

Explanation of standards

(a minimum of 80 points are required for inspected and approved banner)

Guest Well-being (# in parenthesis is number of points)

• ___Smoke Detectors (Required, no points given) on each floor and in each Guest Room properly mounted, preferably hardwired & monitored. Smoke detectors are required in each guestroom and in hallways. Must be mounted on ceiling or with 15 inches of ceiling on a wall preferably away from doorways. Battery operated should have a long-life lithium battery installed.

• ___Copy of Declarations Page of Current Insurance Policy (5) OKBBA members must carry appropriate bed and breakfast insurance with liability for guests

• ___Fire Extinguisher in Kitchen (1) (Required, no points given) A fire extinguisher, in good working order, must be quickly accessible near cooking areas..

• ___Fire Extinguisher in each Guest Room (1) A fire extinguisher, in good working order, must be quickly accessible for each guest.

• ___Emergency Lighting (1) May be plug in Emergency flashlights that come on automatically if electricity should go out or commercial emergency lighting in hallways.

• ___Fireplaces in proper working order, screens, vented if necessary. (1)

• ___GFI outlet or breaker for electric near water sources (1) Any electric within 5 feet of water must be on a ground fault circuit. Circuit may have GFI outlet there by the water source or the Ground Fault Interruptor may be located at the breaker box.

• ___CO detectors if any gas sources (1) Home CO detectors are recommended on each floor of each building unless there is no flue or gas exhaust source on that floor.

• ___Fire Exits unobstructed (1)

• ___Electric sources, plugs, cords, appliances etc, used properly and in good condition. (1) No more than one extension cord per outlet with no more than allotted outlets being used, example don’t plug a 3 way adapter into the end of an extension cord. Outlets should have covers in good condition. Appliances should be in good condition without any frayed or worn wires.

• ___Security Locks on Guestroom doors (1) Guest must have a way to lock their rooms from the inside for security.

Professionalism (#in parenthesis is number of points)

• ___Copy of current Sales Tax Permit (2) Every B&B in Oklahoma must be registered as a business and collect sales tax and pay tourism tax.

• ___Phone Service, (1) answered live or clear message on recorder. The OKBBA would like their members to extend professionalism with every contact with guests. Phones should be answered with a smile and the name of the inn. All inquiries and needs should be handled with courtesy.

• ___Guest Register (1) It is recommended that every guests be asked to sign in, whether in a guest book or with a registration card.

• ___Brochure/Website, (1) accurate information/ not misleading. Marketing materials should accurately reflect the inn and the inn’s prices and policies. Be very careful to not lead the guests to believe you can provide something which your inn does not really have. On the other hand, be sure everything special about your inn is featured.

• ___Guest Information, (1) House Rules, Emergency numbers, How to Reach Innkeepers, How do you give this information to your guests? Is it written and presented in the room or do you do it verbally?

• ___Local Information, Reference Materials (1) How do your guests know what is available in your community or area?

• ___Separate Area for Owner’s pets, out of kitchen (1) This is an issue of CLEANLINESS. It is strongly recommended that pets not be allowed in the kitchen especially during food preparation and serving.

• ___One ADA Room , if inn has more than 5 guest rooms (1) ADA standards are available from www.PAII.org for bed and breakfast. Essentially room for wheelchair to get into bathroom, get wheelchair under the sink, elevated toilets, grab bars.

Exterior/Outdoor Maintenance(#in parenthesis is number of points)Curb Appeal

• ___Exterior Sign, (1) clearly readable from street. If prohibited by ordinances, street address clearly readable from street.

• ___Yard/Gardens, (1) groomed and neatly trimmed Gardens weeded and dead plants removed.

• ___Exterior Paint/Structure, (1) well maintained and in good repair

• ___Steps/Porch/Walkways/Patios/Decks, (2) clean, adequate walking areas free from obstacles, all railings in good repair.

• ___Exterior Lighting,(1) Guests should be able to move about after dark safely.

• ___Refuse/Waste Removal, (1) clean, free from debris, no unsightly construction piles out for guests to see.

• ___Parking, (1) sufficient parking for one auto per guest room

• ___Front Entry and Door, (1) well marked and maintained Do your guests know which door to come to and is it clean of cobwebs and dust and well lit? A welcome mat?

Common Areas (#in parenthesis is number of points)

• ___Cleanliness (5) Are the following free from dust, stains, and spills?
- Baseboards & Windowsills, tops of Door frames
- Table tops, picture frames, decor
- Carpet
- Upholstery

• ___Stairways, (1) handrails in good repair, treads clear of obstacles, adequate lighting.

• ___Furnishings in good repair (1) No tears or cracks or temporary fixes such as duct tape.

• ___China, Flatware, Glassware (1) Clean, shiny, no cracks or chips, stored in a clean and orderly manner.

• ___Napkins, Placemats, Tablecloths, (1) clean and in good repair. No stains, raveled edges. Stored in a clean and orderly manner.

• ___Adequate Lighting (1) Lit well for reading, visiting and dining?

• ___Well-maintained wallpaper, paint, carpet (1) No loose edges, raveling or holes.

• ___Inside Hall lights (1) Well-lit to walk safely and to see doorknobs for unlocking.

• ___Phone available to guests (1) Is there a phone available for guests to use easily and do they know where?

• ___Overall decorating impression (1) reflects ambiance suggested by Inn marketing materials. How does the public (represented here by the Reviewer) see your décor as compared to how you have presented it in marketing materials?

Kitchen/Laundry/Work Areas (#in parenthesis is number of points)

• ___Cleanliness (6) Are all of these areas clean of spills, crumbs, stains, dirt, grease buildup and dust?
- Appliances, refrigerator, stove, microwave, coffee maker, small appliances
- Floors Cabinetry and Counters Décor & Upholstery, Drapery
- Sinks, Faucets, Drain boards and Dish Linens Garbage area

• ___Dishwasher/Sanitizing, (3) explain method How do you sanitize your dishes, a sanitizing dip, a commercial dishwasher, or a residential dishwasher with a heat booster and temperature strips to show that temp was reached? Temperature strips may be purchased at a restaurant supply.

• ___Refrigeration, no more than 39° (2) A thermometer will be placed in your fridge to check temp. To store food safely, the temp must be 39° or less.

• ___Laundry Space,(1) Clean kept away from dirty, Personal not mixed with Inns Is dirty laundry stored away from clean laundry. Is clean laundry stored in a way to protect cleanliness and in an orderly manner? Are innkeepers belongs mixed in with inns linens.? Guestrooms (points added together, divided by # of rooms)

• ___Cleanliness, (5) Are the following clean of stains, spills, dust Woodwork, windows, furnishings, flooring, carpets, décor.

• ___Furnishings (2) Are these items available in each guest room? Minimum 1 chair, table or desk, reading lamps with minimum of 60W bulbs.

• ___Bed Frame/Mattress (3) Is bed sturdy and good repair, no breaks, cracks, or temporary fixes. Is mattress in good shape, clean, and covered with mattress pad?

• ___CO Guest Space (1) Is there adequate space on tables and dressers for guests to put their belongs? Is there too much décor?

• ___Linens (3) Are the linens clean with no stains, in good repair with no holes or frayed edges or pilling. Is there adequate linens, bottom sheet, top sheet, blanket and spread or comforter or quilt. Two to four pillows and pillow protectors?

• ___Heat/AC (1), is room adequately heated or cooled ?

• ___Lighting (1), adequate lighting around room, such as beside beds and chairs with at least 60W bulbs. Are light fixtures clean of dust and spills or dirt?

• ___Clothes Storage and Hanging (2) Adequate space for guests clothes with a minimum of 6 hangers. No innkeeper’s personal items. Luggage racks or space for luggage?

• ___Overall Appearance (2) Are walls, wallpaper, woodwork, flooring, ceiling, and furnishings in good repair?

Bathrooms (points added together, divided by # of rooms)

• ___Cleanliness (6) Are the following clean of spills, stains, dust, dirt, hairs or soap/hairspray buildup? Floors, Walls, Ceilings, Fixtures such as tub, toilet, bidet, shower, Hardware such as faucets, drains, jets, shower heads, soap dishes, toilet paper holders, Towel bars, doorknobs, etc, Mirrors, Lighting, Linens, Wastebaskets, Windows and glass, Shower curtains.

• ___Sinks/Showers/Toilets/Tubs/Jetted Tubs (3) Are these fixtures in bathroom in good repair without cracks, chips, mold, missing grout and stain free? No temporary fixes. Good water pressure.

• ___Mirror (1) large enough mirror and hung at correct height to accommodate most guests standing in front of it.

• ___Wastebasket with liner (1) It is recommended that bathroom wastebaskets have a trash bag liner.

• ___Towel Rods/ clothes hooks (1) Is there rods or hooks to hanging towels and robes?

• ___Flat Surface for Guest’s Belongings (1) There must be enough clean, uncluttered space for guests to lay out their toiletries and belongings.

• ___Inside Lock (1) If this is a shared bath, then guests must be able to lock the door from the inside.

• ___Cleaning supplies (1) discreetly available if this is not a private bath.

• ___Privacy Shades/curtains (1) Does this bathroom have a window with coverings to provide adequate privacy especially at night with the lights on?

• ___Bath Mat, Shower Curtain, Liner (1) Are these adequate, clean, and in good repair.

• ___Supplies (2) Does this bathroom have bath soap, sanitized drinking glass or cup, toilet tissue, Kleenex, and possibly shampoo as well as other toiletries?

• ___Linens (2) Needs minimum 1 bath towel, 1 hand towel, 1 washcloth per guest. Are they clean, stain free, with no frayed or raveled edges or holes?

• ___Lighting and Ventilation (1) Is the lighting adequate to put make-up on or shave by? Is it in good repair with no breaks, no temporary fixes etc. Nothing less than a total 100 watts, example 2 60w bulbs or 3 40w bulbs.


Optional and in no way reflects on the quality review process

In Room Amenities
Do the guestrooms have these amenities?

• Television



• CD stereo/Radio

• Guest Telephone

• Data Port

• Alarm Clock

• Fireplace

• Reading Material

• Whirlpool tub

• Hot tub

• Ironing Board/Iron

• Refrigerator

• Microwave Oven

• Bathroom amenities/Hair Dryer

• Videos, DVDs, Compact Disks available

On Property Amenities Are these available to guests at your inn?

• Fax Machine

• Computer

• Copy Machine


• Complimentary Beverages/Snacks/Afternoon Tea

• Dinners

• Weddings/Receptions/Showers/Parties/Business Meetings

• Musical instruments, i.e. piano

• Hot tub/Swimming

• Recreational Facilities on Grounds

• Horseback riding

• Transportation Service

• Massage/Spa services

• Fireplace

Quality Review $110.00

Copyright 2014 © Oklahoma Bed and Breakfast Association. All rights reserved.